Another book is on its way.

After you have benefited from my "The Greatest Sales Book Ever Written," stand by as another great book is to be released soon.

4 thoughts on “Another book is on its way.”

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your “The Greatest Sales Book Ever Written,” and I am looking forward to more great reads from you.
    Thank you Dean.

    1. The book is on Sales Management and how to be a great boss. So if you are trying to be the best Sales Manager/Leader or you’ve contemplated becoming a sales manager, this is the pathway to success. The book was written by Dave Goldin, maybe one of the greatest sales managers in the medical industry of all time; 6 time Region Manager of the Year and me; 2 time RMotY and 3 time Runner Up RMotY. Dave has been my mentor for over 20 years and together we have pulled together the strategies which have helped us and which have helped other top sales managers and great bosses.

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