A Simple Guide to Happiness and Success

A Simple Guide to Happiness and Success

Dean Gould

Life isn't always easy or fair, and it certainly wasn't for Gerry Gould; but he lived an incredibly blessed and successful life

But as an optimist with drive and ambition:
He found a way to come back from financial ruin four times
He survived WWII
9 plane mishaps
Losing his wife of 30 years and oldest son - both at young ages
Survived cancer and a life-threatening 8 hour surgery
Broke multiple bones getting thrown off multiple horses
Along with many other challenges in life
Through it all:
He kept moving forward
Always making miraculous comebacks
Never accepting failure as his fate

His sage advice and life experiences, compiled by Dean Gould, are used as the guidebook to benefit anyone looking for a compass to happiness and success

Dean and Gerry

Dean Gould and Son
Dean Gould - the author, with son

Gerry Gould at Lehigh Acres
Gerry Gould - A Lehigh Founder

Wish to know how to be happy in life?

Try this happiness book
"A Simple Guide to Happiness and Success"
2nd Edition

By Dean Gould

edited by Paul Sharpe

Welcome to the Lehigh Founders

(1954 - 1972)

The original organizers:

Gerry Gould - President / CEO 1954 - 1971
Harry Powell – President / CEO 1971 – 1981
Lee Ratner - Chairman

Edward Shapiro – Secretary and Vice President of Development and Construction

Manual Rifkin – Treasurer

Arthur Kessler – Director of Mortgage and Finance
Myra Kessler – Head Writer for the Lehigh Acres Citizen
Richard (Rick) Anglickis
Ruth Anglickis