The Greatest Sales Book Every Written

Dean Gould's

The Greatest Sales Book Ever Written

Second Edition

Be the Best You Can Be

Stop dwelling on the future; stop dwelling on the past. Live in the now
--Dean Gould

Do you wish to become a Top Sales Representative?

The Greatest Sales Book Ever Written
A highly motivational and instructional sales book providing you with the blueprint to success

Do you want to become the best sales rep you can be and a top money earner?

Have other sales books left something to be desired?

This sales book will:
Describe what separates the best from the rest
Give you the ammo to earn more recognition and commissions than ever before
Provide the attributes, traits and habits that if you make them a part of your life, you to can become the best sales rep you can be
Help you understand people, customers and yourself
Give you the foundation to achieve your goals in your career like no other sales books
Provide a sales book reference describing the selling skills and training to become the best
Provide refresher sales knowledge other sales books lack

How to Become a Top Sales Rep

Do you know what separates the top sales people in any given industry?
Dean's made it easy and painless:
What if you learned that in order to rise from being average to being a selling machine, it doesn't really take that much more effort?
It is time to stop being average and earn more
Dean will show how you can take those additional earnings, invest them, and retire a multimillionaire
The purpose of this sales book is to give you important selling skills propelling you to the top of the sales rankings:
This isn't just a book for beginners or those contemplating sales
This book is for experienced, tenured reps as well
Several top sales representatives, who have read this book, indicated it is a great review, reminding them of things they had forgotten or they just quit doing
For those of you contemplating sales as a profession, or just starting, this will give you a foundation on which to build your career
How can I be so bold as to name it The Greatest Sales Book Ever Written?
First: Having read an incredible number of sales books, I believe what's unique about this book is that it focuses more on how to become a TOP sales person rather than on the techniques of selling. Yes, I include a few tips on the techniques of selling that have helped me over the years, but the majority of the book is more about attitude and behavior. You see, the greatest sales people, yesterday and today, possess certain traits on which I focus. They have a special winning attitude that propels them to success - find out what it is!
Second: I wish someone handed me this book when I first got started, not just in sales, but when I was a teenager. It would have helped me avoid the setbacks common to many. It would have shortened the time it took me to become successful in business, sales and life. It would have allowed me to get what I wanted sooner, and not just monetarily. If you want to be successful, this sales book will help.

Adopt these behaviors and you will be well on your way to the top.

I am confident that the lessons in this book applies to all sales people and industries.  Apply the concepts and you will shoot to the top of the sales rankings.

Guide to great salesmanship

Are you interested in becoming the best you can?  This book  gives you edge to sell yourself to others in a professional way that communicates your message so that you are effective - either in a business environment or social.

Dean Gould's book, "The Greatest Sales Book Ever Written" is full of ideas to sell yourself as you have never thought before.  This is just not a sales book, but a book that helps you communicate with others effectively.  Try this sales book - you will benefit from it.

30% of profits go for research
to find cures for cancer


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Medical and Pharmaceutical Sales Tips
Addendum B
Work Sheets for Setting Your Goals
Addendum C
Learned Optimism:  How to change your mind and your life.
Addendum D
The 25 Attributes of Happy and Successful People.

Testimonials - What Others Say

Testimonials, praises for Dean You will be happy to know, that after implementing the approaches outlined in your book, my team went on to win Region of the Year honors for 2007. Everyone in my region, including the nurses, is armed with your book. Occasionally, I like to reinforce specific concepts from the book, based on what challenges my reps seem to be facing. Right now, for example, we are focused on selling value, and building barriers against competition. The Lone Star Region is focused on holding our title with another outstanding performance in 2008, and reinforcing things from your book will go a long way.

Joe Terry
Regional Vice President
I-Flow Corporation

I am on my second reading of your book. It was a pleasure to read the first time and the advice you offered helped me break into medical sales. Thank you!

Charles Angelino

Your book is FANTASTIC!  Anyone looking for a complete guide on medical sales should stop right here and order immediately.  It is a true blueprint for both new and experienced salespeople.  The tools you write about are easy to understand and easy to follow for success in this tough business.  It will be required reading for my subordinates and teammates.  Keep up the good work.

Jon Osborne
Western Regional Sales Manager
Axya Medical

I've been in medical sales now for 8 years and read a lot of books on how to be successful in this industry, however, this one stands out in that there's no gimmicky "Proven sales system!" to learn or 75 easy steps to sales success. It's the absolute nuts and bolts of how to be the real deal in sales. Dean cuts through a lot of the garbage that we sales people are bombarded with on a regular basis. It doesn't matter if you're a rookie salesman or a tenured representative; it's got a ton of great pearls to keep in mind to further your career.

Chris Rowe
Sales Representative, NH

Your book was right on and back to the basics!  You took all of the words right out of my mouth.  Thanks for putting all of your thoughts and words in writing.

Cynthia A. Pypcznski
Division Manager
Gynecare, Inc

I received your book this weekend and I just wanted to let you know that I found it incredibly informative and I am very fortunate to have had the chance to read this just before I start my career in sales.

Ryan Kells

I thought the book was well written and what I liked most was the fact that it laid out the most important facts/tendencies in an orderly fashion so that it is easily referenced. I think the shorter chapters deal well with the shorter attention spans many people have and it allows for quicker absorption of the message.

National Sales Manager
Edwards Lifescience

I have very much enjoyed and learned a great deal from your book. It is great!

T. Worthington
Top Sales Representative
CORDIS, Johnson and Johnson

Congratulations on the success of your book. I'm a recent college grad but my aunt is in the sales profession and her whole office is raving about the book, which is one reason I just picked it up.

Peter Caldbeck

Mr. Gould, I thought it your book was very well written, enough so that anyone could get something out of it. It was full of good information that anyone could use in any industry if not only to improve sales, but to improve themselves.

I especially liked chapter 35 & 36 because what some people don't understand is not only do they have to deal with customers, but they themselves are customers to every other aspect of their lives. All people feel that they are important and don't like to wait or get an attitude when they have a question or concern.

Lisa Wilson
Mynatt Insurance

Companies benefiting from his sales book:

Testimonials - More Comments from Sales Leaders

I purchased Dean's book approximately one year ago, have recommended it to others, and have even bought it for a sales manager. I have read multiple sales books over my seven-year career in sales and I can honestly say that Dean’s book is the most poignant I have read, especially when pertaining to sales. I have benefited from it greatly.


Dean does a great job of capturing the blueprint for a successful Sales Rep. in business and in life. We can all learn personally and professionally from the book, both Managers and Sales Reps, and I truly feel that it will benefit the entire Field team before our upcoming National Meeting. Thanks for your leadership and energy to write the book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it very much.

Jon Dwight
VP of Sales, Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc.
a Division of Johnson and Johnson

I was very pleased with the book and couldn't agree more with the fundamental aspects of what it takes to be successful, especially in sales. I just ordered 241 books so that I can disperse amongst our sales and management team to incorporate the benefits of this book not only for brand new hires into Healthpoint, but also to send out to all existing sales reps and managers as well.

Jay Speelhoffer
Director of Sales, Healthpoint

I want to thank you for putting into black and white all the things that I believe makes a sales rep great. Several reps in my region have told me they are already seeing a difference in how they approach their every day business, and have specifically referenced your book.

Joe Terry
I-Flow Corporation

I am on my second reading of your book. It was a pleasure to read the first time and the advice you offered helped me break into medical sales.
Thank you!

Charles Angelino

It was a great meeting and I just received another positive note from one of the reps on your talk. Several people have said they appreciated the opportunity to hear you speak after reading your book. It worked out great. I will forward your information on to our TAP University Manager. Thank you again!

Carl T. Rennie
Sr. Regional Manager
Large Pharmaceutical Co.

The Greatest Sales Book Ever Written is a fun and easy read, with tons of useful information for both novice and experienced sales professionals. This Book is mandatory reading for all my Sales Reps!

Jeff Oveland
Region Sales Director
Orthofix Inc.

You did a great job with this book. It should make the bestseller list!! By the way, my dad Jim Goldin, former VP of sales and marketing for Atlanta Gas Light Company, and a sales genius, read it and he was amazed by it. Said it was the best pure and simple sales book he has ever been exposed to. He ran a sales force of hundreds of reps.

Dave Goldin
Division Manager
CORDIS Endovascular, Inc.

I finally found some time to read your book yesterday and couldn't put it down! It's like a little kick of nitrous for my passion of medical sales.
I'm glad this came around early in my career to open my eyes on a few things.

Mark Gilford

I am in the final process of interviewing with your mentor and past manager Mr. David Goldin at Spectranetics. I am coming from the pharmaceutical industry and although it is a large step to make, I am ready for the challenge. For my preperation he recommended that I purchase your book "The Greatest Sales Book Ever Written" and that I would learn a lot about myself and about a career in selling medical devices. He was right!!!. The points that you make in the book seem so simple (write your goals down) but prove that most unsuccessful representatives don't take those small necessary steps and make excuses as to why they aren't doing well. I read the book in one sitting and have highlighted all the great talking points. I want to thank you personally for creating such a great reference piece and sharing your success stories with the world.
Thank you,

Michael Fischman

Testimonials - More Comments from other sales leaders:

Testimonials on the great management book I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I thought you book was outstanding!! I am on my third time reading it and can't tell you the impact it has had. I put the book down thinking I need to work for a manager like him! Thanks for creating such a great book. It certainly lived up to its title!!!

Best Regards,
Jason Mione
Sales Representative
Ft. Collins, Co

Dear Mr. Gould,
I finished your book and couldn't put it down. It has truly impacted my future and current career. I applied many of your teachings to my sales approach this week. Both the President of my company and sales manager noted that I out performed 95% of the sales team. However, I will never be satisfied until I attain that extra 5%!!!
I believe the greatest thing I took from your book is the advice on written goals. I have always been extremely goal oriented, however writing them on paper has brought a new sense of clarity and vision to my somewhat scattered goals. Mr. Gould, you truly have had an impact on my career and life.

Lisa Obert
Sales Representative

Branch Managers - Please send out to your loan officers!
This book is awesome!
I've personally read the book and it gives good insight on how to be a more effective Salesperson!!
I endorse this book!

Paul Ramos
Vice President,
Chase Mortgage

Dean, I finished your book last week and it is GREAT. You have not only captured the basics of salesmanship but also the finer points that take you to the top. It will without question be on my recommended reading list for my applicants.
In closing, I just wish that I had read your book when I started my career.

Joe D. Terry
former VP of Sales for Johnson and Johnson and current Sales Recruiter