Rise to the Top: How to Become a Great Leader, Manager and Mentor

Rise to the Top

How to Become a Great Leader, Manager and Mentor

Dean Gould
Dave Goldin

Looking for a sales management book to show you how to achieve your highest and greatest potentials for leadership success?

Just starting your new leadership role?
Are you already a seasoned leader, but looking to Rise higher?
What is in the book?

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How to Become a Great Leader, Manager, and Mentor

Rise to the Top has been called The New Master Blueprint of Sales Leadership. It is an easy to read, step by step guidebook for managers to:
  • Become an effective Sales Leader, Manager, and Mentor
  • Work with Millennials, Tenured, and New Sales Professionals
  • Motivate seasoned sales reps
  • Refresh their management skills

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Rise to the Top

Meet the Authors

Dave Goldin

Dave Goldin

Dave Goldin was in a league of his own while leading, mentoring, and coaching seven different teams to winning the coveted Region of the Year Award during his career in medical sales. It could be a record and definitely in the top 1%. He coached and developed countless award winning sales reps who went on to become award winning managers, directors and vice-presidents themselves. His impact in the world of medical sales has been like a wave, which has reached tsunami force, and he continues to have an impact through them even though he is on to other things. There are not many better human beings who care about the success of others as Dave, and not many who can show the level of success as he has achieved in leading people.
Most important, Dave would say that his biggest accomplishment is having raised two fine, outstanding, successful sons with his wife Cindy; working hard but balancing it with family time.

Dean Gould

Dean Gould

Dean Gould was one of Dave Goldin's hires, which is one of Dave's strong suits - finding outstanding talent who will bust down walls to succeed. Dean soaked in all he could from his mentor over the years and went on himself to winning two Region of the Year awards and three runner-up Region of the Year Awards, still remaining active as a leader in the medical industry. He went on to become Director of Sales and Marketing for Edward's Lifesciences, Director of Sales and Marketing for Sol Medical Solutions, and Area Director of Sales for Otonomy. He is currently Vice President of Sales and Marketing for HCP Medical Innovation. Like Dave, Dean's passion is developing people and helping them succeed, which is so important in having long, sustained success in leadership. Dean has also impacted many lives and people who have gone on to top levels of sales success and leadership positions in the industry.
He too finds his greatest joy in life is raising his two young children with his wife Alissa.