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Rise to the Top cover

Rise to the Top:

How to Become a Great Leader, Manager and Mentor

Rise to the Top has been called The Master Blueprint of Sales Leadership. It is an easy to read, step by step guidebook for managers to work with Millennials, motivate sales reps, and refresh their management skills.

Greatest Sales Book cover

The Greatest Sales Book Ever Written

How to become a Top Sales Representative

Do you know what separates the top sales people in any given industry?
If you could take two hours to read a book that would help propel you to the top of the sales rankings, would you take the time to read it?

A Simple Guide to Happiness and Success cover

A Simple Guide to Happiness and Success

This is the story of Gerry Gould and a guidebook for anyone trying to navigate the ups and downs of life

This book tells his secrets to success

Uncle Harry picture

Honoring Uncle Harry

And in honor of all Veterans of the US Military who served around the world and risked and gave their lives on our behalf.

Almost everyone in this country has an Uncle Harry - either alive or who has passed on.

Children's National Health System

How many kids die of cancer each year?

Here is an opportunity to Donate to the Children’s National Medical Center

Per the 2018 National Cancer Institute (NIH) estimate, 1,735,350 Americans have a Risk of Developing New Cases of Cancer - of those, 17,350 will be children ages 0 to 19